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TIDC requests one exceptional item and two rider revisions.

Exceptional Item: Restore estimated appropriation authority.

  • GR-D funds collected for indigent defense can only be spent on indigent defense.
  • In 14 of the past 20 years, TIDC has had estimated appropriation authority.
  • Estimated appropriation authority should not cost the bill.


Rider Revision: Modify Rider 18 to benefit all Texas counties.

  • Rider 18 dedicates $2.5m. annually to expanding mental health defense in “existing public defender offices.
  • Most existing public defender offices are in urban areas.
  • "New and existing public defender and managed assigned counsel offices" gives rural counties a shot, too.


Rider Revision: Eliminate Rider 19. It's no longer necessary.

  • This is a cleanup revision. These funds are now in the base budget.
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