Indigent Defense Commission Workshop


Indigent Defense Commission Workshop

Type One 01/16/2020

Austin-January 16-17, 2020
Texas Association of Counties Event Center
1210 San Antonio St., 4th Floor
Austin, TX 78701

Who Should Attend:

County Judges

The event is sponsored by Justice Works.


Workshop material are now available:


Counsel at Magistration:

Standing Order for the appointment of Bexar County-Stephanie Brown

Magistration Statistics Mental Health Cases-Stephanie Brown

Standing Order for Indigent Accused at Magistration-Stephanie Brown


County Spotlight: Tarrant County:

Tarrrant County Magistration-J. Gregory Shugart


Monitoring, Measuring, and Supporting Quality Representation:

Building a Managed Assigned Counsel (MAC) System-Nancy Bennett

The Impact of Counsel at First Appearance (CAFA)-Dr. Andrew Davies


Effectively Addressing Defendants with Mental Illness:

Funding for Mental Health Defender Programs- Edwin Colfax

Outpatient Competency Restoration- Dr. Courtney Harvey

Jail-Based Competency Restoration Services- Dr. Courtney Harvey

TITLE 25 Health Services-Dr. Courtney Harvey

Jail Based Competency Restoration-Dr. Courtney Harvey

Outpatient Competency Restoration Programs-Dr. Courtney Harvey

Mental Health Stakeholder Wheel-Kirk Noaker

Common Magistrate Timeline-Kirk Noaker


Forms from the workshop available here:


Registration List


Evaluation Form


Topics covered will included:

• TIDC Funding Opportunities

• Legislative Recap

• Bail Litigation

• Counsel at Magistration

• Rural Public Defenders

• Measuring, Monitoring, and Improvement Attorney Performance

• Effectively Addressing Defendants with Mental Illness