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The Texas Legislature created the Texas Task Force on Indigent Defense in 2001 to remedy persistent deficiencies in Texas indigent defense:

  • Access to counsel
  • Quality of counsel
  • Data collection

In 2011, the Task Force became the Texas Indigent Defense Commission. TIDC is tasked with funding, overseeing, and improving public defense in each of Texas's 254 counties. TIDC is led by 13 Commission Members and 18 staff.


Protecting the right to counsel, improving public defense



Excellent representation for all


Guiding Principle

Defer to counties when possible and try to reduce burdens on counties when we can


Commission Members

Ex Officio Members

  • Honorable Missy Medary (Chair)
  • Honorable Brandon Creighton
  • Honorable Nathan Hecht
  • Honorable Sharon Keller
  • Honorable Joe Moody
  • Honorable Sherry Radack
  • Honorable Reggie Smith
  • Honorable Vivian Torres
  • Honorable John Whitmire

Members Appointed by Governor

  • Mr. James D. "Jim" Bethke
  • Mr. Alex Bunin
  • Mr. Jay Cohen
  • Honorable Valerie Covey
  • Honorable Richard Evans
  • Honorable James R. "J.R." Woolley, Jr.

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